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The Grim???/

I was trawling through some events and stumbled across the Grim 2009. I had forgotten about this offroad race and have decided to do it this year!!!

Is anyone else out there doing it? if so which day?

Scott - Are you doing it? Its near you i think (Aldershot)

Looks like a good laugh with all that mud water and obsticles!!!

Has anyone done? Whats it like?


  • Done it 3 years ago, my preparation was crap really and the 8 miles course was a killer for me. You can avoid some of the water obstacle but if you go through the water it is freezing (was anyway when I done it). I saw some guys pasting themselves with grease on their legs which i guess helped a lot. Saying that it was good fun and I did it for a good cause too.
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    Yeah I did this last year,

    they had to break the ice on the monster puddles before the race, it didn't get above freezing all morning.

    Quite a tough course, I found there were lots of people trying to avoid going through the puddles and there were bottle necks of people up the banking so i decided to plough straight through the icy cold brown porridge.
    It seemed like a good idea at the time and got past queues of people but the cold sets in as my feet never dried out and stayed cold which in turn made them feel heavy.

    Still would have chose the route i did as i reckon I made loads of time by keeping going than taking the easier route. just made me run a bit quicker to get back and dried off.
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