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Felt B16 or QR Seduza

Simple question (I hope), what would people pick and why? Looking to buy one either a Felt B16 or the QR Seduza. Both look fairly similar to me. Many thanks.



  • B16!
    I spent many many nights researching around the £1500 mark.
    Although the Felt has a lot of own brand stuff it still beats the QR.
    Have a look on Bikesport Michigan for a review.
    If you fund the cash have a look at the B12
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    I use a Seduza,great bike for long distances,wheels supplied not upto the same quality as the bike,but would buy QR again.
    Cannot say anything about the Felt.
  • Thanks guys!

    Difficult one's to choose between. I'll have to take both for a spin and see what I think.
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