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HRM for Ironman

What HR monitor has anyone here used for IM Distance.

Im thinkning about getting a new garmin 405 maybe or the 310xt.

The battery life is a concern though. Does anyone have these. Or if i am going to be spending this kind of money should i be looking outside of garmin..



  • Dont race with HR as a rule, I always train with it, but not race. I use a 305, it ticks all the boxes (apart from water proof, not that thats a real prob) and I'd imagine it is considerably cheaper now the new 310xt is on the shelves.

    Bty life is very good, done many long bikes and run brick sessions, garmin say 10hrs and I'd say thats fairly accurate.

    However, if you just want HR then theres absolutely nothing wrong with a cheap £30 polar HRM.
  • I've got a Garmin 310XT, and have used it for a HIM race. Battery is supposed to be good up to 20 hours, and not had an issue with it yet. Didn't use it as a HRM during race, but do in training. Greatest benefit was for distance, speed and pace feedback.

    Only real issue is that because of it's size it does snag on the wetsuit in T1, but for HIM/IM races a few seconds loss isn't any real concern.
  • If you are buying to race with it don't get a 405 - I have one (fantastic bit of kit) but it ran out of battery during UK HIM this year - although I was going really slowly..... the 310XT would be better as you can change sports/it is w'proof and it has a fab battery life...
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    cheers lads..

    im thinking the XT. Im such a gadget freak.

  • You could always get a really basic HRM for the event.
    I kind of agree with not relying on it in a race but usually suggest that it can help you over cook it during those first vital few hours of the bike leg in an Ironman event.
    You can one of free eGuides at this page:

  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    Dont like the fact that you link to your site, and then need to download an exe to view a guide that could be just put up as a pdf or txt file.

    Spam to me... Potential virus or malware/spyware.

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