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Racing wheels

Im thinking about getting a pair of new wheels for racing next year, i currently use Mavic Aksium which were supplied with my Bianchi and I used for IMUK this year. I have a limited budget of around £1000. Any advice??


  • Deep rims, rear disc.... give us a clue.

    tubs or clinchers ?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Corima Aero,you can pick up a pair for around a grand,quality wheels.
  • sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Enzo wheels from SBR Sports
  • Try Fast forward wheels, reasonably priced and excellent in performance......Buy direct from their site... it can be cheaper than buying over here.

    If you do go for these, tell them that I sent you and you may get a 'good' deal... I know a few guys who have mentioned I sent them and had a few quid knocked off:)

    Im sponsored by them by the way.... Got to plug the sponsor some how!!!lol
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