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Goody bags and whats in it

Not the reason we all do this but

I've had all sorts this year, drinks bottles, t shirts ( all tho in some races this was extra), and a bottle of beer( still cant get my head around that one).

But if you entered a race, at a cost of 35 quid what would you think is a good stash in a goody bag.

at 35 quid i recon you should have a bottle and a t shirt plus the usual gels, powder drink etc.

Any one get anything way out there this year


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i've had a medal, a white towel, a technical tee and a bag, a cotton tee and a purple towel, and a bottle of beer out of the races i've done this year.

    the beer was defintitely the best one, although i quite liked the purple towel i got at faringdon.

    most of my races were pretty budget (only one was over £30) so if i come away with very little i don't mind. i'm there to race and have fun, not stock up on spare clothes and gels, although they all help!
  • deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    the hever castle goody bag yesterday included conditioner for coloured hair
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Sounds like Mr S Burrows should have done hever then. Iy must be hard t keep hair pink!

    I have had 2 gatorade bottles standard friut ofthe loom T shirt's some flapjack andloads of leaflets for some bizaire local attractions!

    I would like to get a selection of gels a forgoodnesshake or 2 maybe a discount card for thelocal tri shop.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    To start with, having enough bags for the number of competitors would be good. Are you reading this Wrecsam Tri?

    I've had a really nice T-shirt and a drink and a T - shirt and a recovery bar, that's the best I've seen.
  • Best i've had was at Ilkley - Puma t shirt, number belt, energy bars etc.
    Worst at the ampleforth MTB tri - couple of leaflets and an inner tube which strangely was for a road bike.
    for the most expensive race i've done, all off road so no road closures / police costs etc. this was very poor.
  • Best I've had was at Graniteman HIM in Guernsey this year.
    Got a bag, Technical T, Mug with the Graniteman Logo, Number belt, loads of Powerbar Gels / Bars (literally dozens) and a Graniteman badge which my daughter was over the moon with.
    Not bad as entry was only £55
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    who finds a race for £35
    i did liverpool tri for £56....no goody bag...just a medal
    tatton park was £58....bag had a training shirt...drinks bottle and some gels and leaflets....no medal

    I'd rather have a medal
  • done quite a few races this season and had very mixed goodie bag and I have worked out is doesn't depend on how much you pay on the quality of the bag.

    most expensive was at dorney and got a crap tee shirt , free drink and a pair of goggles
    had two good ones weatherby and ripon a wetsuit bay and a tee shirt and a thermal mug and tee shirt and oil for the bike.

    overall we don't do the races for the freebies but they do help
  • Are there any events for people in the London area that are lower than £45?
    Please advise if yes.

    Have done Dorney lake x 2 and got a shirt in each (220 evening series and FGS event) -
    London for £72 was a Gatorade bottle.
    2 shirts and a sports bottle for over £160 - quite pathetic.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I'd rather have no goodie bag and cheaper entry. What am I meant to do with so many t-shirts, anyway?

    Brigg last weekend had two tri magazines (old ish issues though), t shirt, banana.
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