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Bike insurance

Morning all, sorry for this rather mundane question to start the day off but im looking for a good option on getting me and my bikes insured and wondering if anyone recommends anything.

Ive had cycleguard for the past 2 years, so based on my mtb and road bike, been shelling out £20 a month, which I though was ok for theft and covering against the liability insurance of the w*nker drivers and pedestrians of London. Ive also had separate home contents insurance, and getting the bikes included is also an option.

However, now ive thrown a blingesque tribike into the mix so my premium would rocket.

So looking for liability and theft cover for commuting bikes and training/racing cover for my tri bike. Maybe BTF membership for 2011?

Im putting myself to sleep just writing this stuff! Suggestions welcome, thanks.


  • +1 for marks and spencer, they were the cheapest home and contents insurance on confused.com for me and as CH says you dont need seperate bike cover and accidental damage is included - unlike the muppets at barclays. Where seperate bike cover and accidental damage was an option so i wasnt covered when my carbon beast met its maker.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Thanks guys, thats not just bike insurance, its M&S home contents insurance, dripping in old-for-new replacement and freezer food cover.Mmm!
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