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Correct bike frame size for a newbie !!!

Iv at present have a road bike ( giant defy ) in a medium size. What would be the ideal size for tri specitic bike? Iv been told both small or medium would be ideal but as im new to the tri event ( and a bit confused ) i want to start with the correct size.. Im 5' 10" in height if thats a help..

Hope some one can help me !!!!!!

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  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144

    its notan asy thing a bike size over the net.
    Have youbeen to a goodbike shop discussed it?
    Igather fom som guys on here thatheguy a ridncys is top guy r info. Ictremeber hisae hveever used tm mysef t thealmighty Cnehead saysere good so elieve hm.

    Hopeths elp.
  • Never mind his frame, your keyboard is knackered.
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    Its worth making sure the whole bike fits you properly, frame size is only a part of it.

    There is a video overview of the basics of bike fitting http://www.smpsaddle.co.uk/index.php/specialist-bike-fitting.html and there is also a document you can download.

    Worth spending the time to get it right as early in your cycling career as you can imo
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