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I took up triathlon this time last year and have, in the interim, completed 3 sprints, the Black Sheep, Wimbleball 70.3 and Ironman Regensburg, so it's fair to say I have been completely bitten by the bug. I am not, however, a natural athlete and whilst I love competing in tri's I am not particularly quick (12hrs 58 for Regensburg for example). I am definitely still a beginner and tend to be a bit overawed by most events...although I am getting better!!

In order to get 2011 off to a flier I have entered the Abu Dhabi triathlon (long course) for March...something about cycling around the F1 circuit has really caught my imagination!!! Having entered the tri I am starting to feel a little concerned that all the info I can find seems to suggest that this event is really pro/elite athlete focussed. I can understand this but my question is whether it is also geared around the amateur athlete like myself (no Cervello for me - a Bianchi with drop handlebars and clip on aero's is my steed!!)?

Whatever the answer I will still be competing but after the buzz of the Ironman I just want to make sure I am managing my own expectations. Can anyone who competed in Abu Dhabi this year tell me whether the average age grouper will feel hoplessly out of place?



  • Have a look here for starters, post64083.html?hilit=abu%20dhabi#p64083
  • It's a good write up, clearly of the short course as he beat 6 hours. Doesn't say too much about the infrastructure for the amateurs though.... Any plodders out there completed the long course? I'm aiming to go sub 10hrs.
  • I should think the best initial source of information would be the office of your company where you will be working. They know the ropes and can suggest a contact person to help you locate an apartment. Often there are expatriates coming and going and there may be a possible arrangement made with one of these people.


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  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I competed there.... fecking awesome.

    You will never ever forget cycling round the F1 circuit. The road to the Yas Marina can be a bit boring which is why I'm would recommend the short course. Avoid the long course....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I can recall seeing the dude who thought it would be a good idea to do the course on the mountain bike, complete with nobbly tyres, mud guards etc.... he waqs struggling after 20k then on my way back he was perched at the side of the road in the shade.

    Last year temps hit 34degs and I wilted on the run... big time but then so did the pro's!!

    Also I done the course on my roadie... albeit the most aggresive roadie you'll ever see.... it ripped up the course.. then laughed at the riders inability to pedal!!! This year Battlecat is triathlon retired!!

    you won't feel out of place... not at all.. You would be surprised.. PM me if you want more info!
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