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Problems with SBR Sports (Windsor)?

Has anybody else had problems getting customer service from SBR Sports? I ordered and paid for a bike part in May 09 over the internet, but it wasn't til July that they got round to telling me that actually they couldn't supply the part. As at today (29th September 09) they are still dragging their heels on refunding me my money. Do you think they're deliberately withholding my money? Why else would they be so reticent in giving it back to me?


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    not that it helps you i'm afraid but i'm sure i heard 'shop good, website bad' about sbr. there are a few people on here who have experienced iffy customer service from the internet side of their outfit.

    perhaps those with experience can help you with how best to get your money back.
  • Contact them by phone and speak to a manager. Explain the situation to date highlighting your disappointment and lack of customer service so far. Its a simple refund so shouldn't be complicated. Ask when you can expect it to be resolved and receive payment. Don't forget to take his/her name. Also be polite.

    Keep a list of all dates when you have contacted them previously (phone, email, letters) and the outcomes, keeping copies for future use. If the time stated by the manager lapses and still no sign of refund then write a formal letter quoting trading standards and consumer rights indicating that you want a refund within X days from postmark or you will seek advice from your local trading standards office. If you send by letter, send recorded delivery so thay can't deny receiving it.

    If you paid by credit card, under consumer rights all you have to do is contact the bank/card issuer giving them as much info as possible and they will refund your card and pursue payment (and probably compensation for themselsves for admin costs) from SBR. In the case of a credit card payment, SBR have breached a contract with the bank/card issuer - not you. This may take longer than dealing with it yourself and is an option when you have exhausted all others or are too frustrated to continue.

    Citizens Advice Bureau can help with useful info as can consumerline.org but the above is fairly standard consumer/trading standards stuff. Most companies will gladly take money off you but some won't give it back so easily!!

    Good luck.
  • sbr-sports-t10272.html

    Have a gander.............

    Seems to me as a Mr Mike Edwards (boss of SBR) couldnt give a toss about customer service and prefers to piss people off, and boy he seems to be a world champ at that!! Im sure youll get an email from him saying how they are so very sorry for all the trouble etc.....and he'll refund you etc....but thats not the point really is it??

    SBR have been pissing on peoples chips for years..........
  • i'm sure i heard 'shop good, website bad' about sbr
    I think that's unfair Ris..................................

    The service in the shop's bad as well.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Nope, Ris is right, a few months ago, loads of people were having bad experiences online, me included, but their instore service was praised. So hopefully things have changed since. Im not willing to take that chance. Theres always someone with the same price and better service, I wish these shops realised that.
  • There was a thread on this forum about 7 pages long, all with people posting their displeasure at deailng with the Online section of SBR - The owner posted to apologise and said that things would improve, and even posted his personal e-mail address - several posts later it appeared that things were still much the same.

    Personally I have never used either the shop or website, mostly due to the negative publicity that was highlighted on this forum, and it seems that several months later nothing has changed.

    My opinion purley from posts for what it's worth is SBR shop = Good Service, SBR online = Bad Service.
  • Hi Guys,

    I work for sbr's mail order operation and hope I can be of some use for you.

    You are right that our customer service needs to be improved, recently we have been able to uncover the reason for some of our "less flattering" mistakes and hope that we are starting to recover. Read into that what you will but I am happy to try and deal with any questions you may have
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Go into the shop, kick off, get your refund and then give these bozos a miss.
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