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Winter training day . . .

I'm in the process of planning my off season training, and came across this on another forum http://bcttt.com/forum/general-discussi ... anchester/

Seems ideal, as it'll cover all the issues I'm currently looking at, and for £60 is seems like a bargain, but I'm already entered into a half marathon that day so I need to prioritise. I know that "Conehead" ran a few training days earlier in the year, and they seemed to get a good write up in on of the many mags that comes through my letterbox, but has anyone actually been on one and can give some first hand experience.


  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    I went on the 'Rookie Day 2' earlier this year, OW training, transtions, bike handling, nutrition and thought it was well worth the money, even if Mike from Bridgtown did tell me that I could have done with the next size up on my bike

    I've signed up for another shouting at in April on the Long Distance Rookie day'. Judging on comments from last years attendees it should be more of the same.

    Go for it.
  • I'd be keen on this. Just finished my first season and not 100% sure how to handle winter planning and training ready for scaling new heights in 2010. Makes a change for us northerners to have the opportunity to be professionally shouted at.
  • Missed one this year but signing up for the others - I don;t know about you but 60 notes for all that seems cheap and well worth the cash.

    There was a write up on 24/7 bugging up these days, I know a few people who have been and said they would have paid twice as much for the day and advice.

    I'm just waiting for Conehead to appear in the Red Letter Days brochure where you can "buy" his experience for a present. Now there's an Idea ?
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