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Anyone got any sponsorship.

How good do you have to be before you can gain sponsorship. Triathlon is an expensive sport and any sponsorship stuff (free or discounted) would be amazing to get to help us out.


  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    I think this one was asked before, try a quick search.

    From memory though, the gist seemed to be:

    To get lots of free kit like bikes, tri-suits etc you need to be a top age grouper or elite.

    However you can try contacting your local bike shop who may agree to things like free bike servicing and parts for the exposure you can give them at events if you wear their logo. You need to give them sort of business case though.
  • Yeah, when can you be considered as a 'top age grouper'?

    Is it when you win your age group/top 3 in almost every race you do (UK races)? Or if you win the national championships? Or top 3 in European championships?
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I recieve sponsorship from 3 companies at the moment...

    I have been in contact with 100's of companies over the last 2 years regarding getting 'sponsorship' and it can be a right pain in the butt to get. I fell lucky with the 3 companies who sponsor me.

    I guess you have to one of the following to gain sponsorship:

    1) Elite - enough said

    2) Top Age Group - ie winning/top 3 national age group events not just Iv won my age group at the local sprint.

    3) Up and coming - ie showing a good potential to achieve top honours. Note: this is the one which you will likely have either no response or 'we can give you discount' type of answer.

    I consider myself to be in between 2 and 3. This season I have consistantly finished top 6 in my age group with only two 8th in age group(hit the wall during Bala and Big Beaver), the rest of my races have been 4 podium finishes and a 6th place at the European Long Course Age Group Champs in Prague plus numerous top 6 finishes.

    The companies that have sponsored me have taken a big risk in supplying me with stuff when I was just outside top 10 finishing... now I hope that I am repaying them with my results this year.

    Dont give up trying to get it.... email your sporting CV off to anybody and everybody you can think of and if you only get discounts then thats better than nothing.

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