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Boardam Elite AiR/TT

Anyone seen one or got one. They do look pretty cool. Next season i will be getting a new tri bike, i am thinking its either going to be a Boardman Elite built up with SRAM Force or a Argon 18 E-112 (new 2010 frame) with SRAM force.

Would appreciate if anyone knows anyone who has the Boardman Elite and knows how much it would cost to get it built up or knows how good this bike is.


  • James Cracknall's got one, and I think they are about £2,500 (poss just for the frame)
  • Yeah, ive seen them for £2,199.

    I guess i would be looking at £900 for wheel set, SRAM S60 as well, so that would be £3000.

    I have a budget of about £4000, would £1000 be enough for the build, the tri bars and the groupset ect? Mid range stuff eg. 105 or SRAM Force (preferable).


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