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Next Seasons Races

Now my season is over I am already looking forward to next season - I am going for;

Clumber Classic (Early March) - B Race
Chase Race Cannock (Early April) - C Race
Skipton Sprint (Mid/Late April) - B Race
New Forest OD (Early May) - B Race
Rother Valley OD (Early June) - A Race
Blithfield OD (End July) - B Race
Castle Challenge (Mid Aug) - A Race
Hever Castle (Sept) - C Race (Maybe)

What's your season looking like?

Haven't thought about the cost yet......


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Dude you are far to organised. I am still puttng this years races to bed in my head!
    I am starting open water Trisnext season! Is that a tarton planning?
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I am not very imaginative so I will want to do events I like with a few others thrown in but definitely (barring clashes):
    Mansfield Sprint
    Woodhall Spa Sprint
    Lincoln Sprint
    Nottingham Sprint
    Norwich OD

    Lincoln 10K
    Woodhall Spa 10K

    And then see what else tickles my fancy but I would like to do more open water rather than pool events
  • that a lot of races and very organized , do you race for a club or train with a club

    Me I am looking to do

    ripon and weatherby and a couple of qualifiers for the worlds in the olympic distance next year
  • Looking to do three sprints, probably at Dorney, Interspersed with Tough Guy in January, Paddock Wood half mara in March(?) and London Brighton Cycle in June. Been to Staples, got the year wall planner and gonna work out training this weekend. Won't stick to it mind, more of a working document.
  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    Paddock Wood HAlf-I did that last year-and although it's flat and fast it is a pretty dull route. If you're from round that neck of the woods try the Tunbridge Wells Half in Feb-or even the Maidstone Half (much better than it sounds!) a week this Sunday.
  • Xyzee_ukXyzee_uk Posts: 100
    Hey Pacman

    I have supprised mself with my organisation (in fact have finished my goals and training plan and it doesn't even start till Feb!!) I had a really quiet week in a cottage in Skye and put most of it together there.

    I am a member and race for (but don't wear the colors yet) of Wakefield Tri Club - I haven't done much with them this year just used for the OW swimming but will be doing much more with them over the winter and next season.

  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Net year is probably going to look like this:

    Clumber Classic Duathlon (March)
    Mansfield Sprint (April)
    Lincoln 10k
    Yorkshireman Triathlon (OW) (first OD) 30/05/2010
    Lincoln Sprint
    Woodhall Spa Sprint
    Southwell Sprint
    Hatfield Sprint (OW)
    Club relays
    Brigg Sprint

    Looking for some top ten finishes next year. Going to be a tough winter!
  • MowfMowf Posts: 272
    I'm looking to step up to half ironman next season, so will taylor my races around that. I know you dont neccessarily need to do lots of shorter races - but they are so much fun i want to anyway. I'll probably stick to local ones though - South Cerney and Cotswold are two I will do again. And then a short pool based one in May. I don't know which 1/2 ironman i will do - but I have to admit to feeling the lure of the big brand...

    Have a 1/2 marathon this weekend, so will see how my long distance running legs are.

    My big problem is a 4 week jaunt to Australia over Christmas that's going to f%$k with my winter base training...
  • andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    Next year looks like this for me so far....OW only for me.

    ChaseRace cannock....April
    ??????.....................May (not decided yet)
    Blenhiem Sprint early June (doing this with a mate as a favour)
    Liverpool OD late June (exaclty 1 year after my first ever tri so this is a symbolic race)
    IMUK August 1st.

    Its all about getting to the bolton finish line for me so each race is just part of training.

    Thats the plan...we'll see how it goes
  • Haven't finalised plans yet, but current outline is:

    01/10 Portland coastal half marathon
    02/10 Devon coastal half marathon
    03/10 Pembrokeshire coastal half marathon
    04/10 Cornwall coastal half marathon, Llandovery Sprint
    05/10 Cardiff Try-a-Tri
    06/10 Cosmeston Sprint, The Dragon Ride, The Tour of Pembrokeshire, HIM UK
    07/10 Tuska Sprint
    08/10 IMUK, The Little/Big Woody
    10/10 Warwickshire Sprint, Cardiff half marathon
  • Cheers for that han382, chose Paddock Wood cos its flat and it'll be my first half-did the Vigo multi terrain in September so a little off hills at the mo! My father in law tells me Canterbury half is pretty good too...
  • YeppahYeppah Posts: 15
    Next year will be a bit special, as my sister wanted to do a "womens classic".
    That´s four races in four different categories (Crosscountry-skiing, cycling, swimming and running) spread around the year.
    Will be interesting! I havn´t tried skiing since my early teens - and that´s a long time ago...

    My plan:
    Feb : Vasaloppet W (30km crosscounrty skiing)
    Jun : Vaetternrundan W (100km cycling)
    Jul : Vansbro swim W (1000m swimming - upstreams)
    Kalmar Sprint
    Aug : Stockholm OD
    Karlskrona Sprint (Club event)
    Sep : Lidingö race W (10 km run)

    Some day I hope to do "the real thing", which means 90km skiing, 300km cycling, 3 km swimming and 30km running.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    My season for next year will look like this....

    April - Brighton Marathon
    National Middle Distance Championships
    June - European Long Course Championships
    July - World Long Course Championships
    August - Get Married
    September - Vitruvian

    In between all those races will be carefully planned sprints and standards to help me peak at the above Tri's, Not bothered where and how hard the other races are, they will be just prep work. Also I dont really care where I finish in this 'other' races either.

    Saying that I will be aiming for top 10 in every race with as many age group podiums as possible.

    Ideally the season will come together with a medal at the nationals, Euros or Worlds.

    Then once next season is over it is head down and prepare myself for the step upto IM distance in 2011 with the aim of qualifying for Kona:)

    Fingers Crossed
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