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Hi everyone,

Having done various road running races over the past few years and the odd cycle ride I am keen to "tri" something new! ha ha - excuse the pun

I thought I would look into [color=#FF4000]taking part in a Duathlon or Triathlon, however the price of the gear is formidable and this puts a stopper on my ambitions
My first question is regarding tpossibly the most expensive bit of kit - the bike...... I have a mountain bike - I want to know 0 is it possible \ advisable to do a triathlon on mountain bike

What is the minimum list of kit need for an olympic distance Triathlon? Any suggestions on starter events also gratefully received.

Thanks in advance [/color]


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    The beauty of tri is that you can use what you want. If you have and can only afford a mountain bike then use it. Don't expect brill times on it. A simple conversion to slick tyres will make a difference. On the other hand you can pick up an entry bike for about £350.

    At the end of the day you use what you can afford. I didn't know if I'd like tri so I bought entry level gear so that if I didn't like it I could sell it or if I did like it then I could upgrade.

    Turns out I love tri and I'm buying things as and when I can afford them. Don't be put off by expensive tri-suits - pool shorts and t-shirts are fine.

    One for the record, in one my tris, I nailed a guy who had the carbon bike porn TT style on my alloyed Claud Butler San Remom 2008 bike. Felt bloody great. Don;t care if he was injured or something I passed him!!!!

    So in essence, you go for it and always go into the for sale section and the general section. There are always people selling stuff at cheap prices, espc at this time of the year when the season ends.

  • Thats brilliant - you have relit the urge to complete my first Tri.
    Thanks also for the hint about the tyres, I will look into that
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    No worries mate. This is always a good place to look for advice etc. Its where I started just over a year ago and I'm now planning my assualt on Ironman..... trust me on the first tri, you'll make sooo many mistakes that you'll laugh, you'll walk away and you can go home and tell everyone...." I am a triathlete!!!"

    Saying that is sooo cool.

    Check out the "other forum" as well.....
  • Hello,

    I have been searching on ebay for kit and its been pretty good so far.

    As for the bike thing, I posted on facebook that I wanted a bike and managed to get one from a friend (i had no idea she was in to cycling) but it cost her over £1000 last year and she'd only used it twice! She sold it to me for £400! Bargain! I have resolved that it always pays to ask the question, so stick a notice up there, you might find a little gem!

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