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Race Report from Oz - Sprintman

hi kids

been living it up at home visiting the folks and decided to do a tri or two whilst here...i've just completed the sprintman - 1k swim, 33k bike, 7k run...i s'pose it's to give you a flavour of OD..this is the longest race i've done so far so pretty chuffed. The Gold Coast Half Ironman was on the same day...good to watch....

So here's my report...enjoy or be bored

lurvely day....race started at 5.54am and the sun was shining...wetsuits were optional (22.4 degrees) and i didn't bring mine...was glad tho...water was lovely....i was worried about the swim as i'd never swam more than 400mtrs in the sea! swim was ok actually....wasn't too tired out (so probably could've swam faster - oh nooo the 'i could do better' has started ) got swam over a wee bit...only 1 min between waves....the course was out of a marina and then down between 2 islands and back again on the otherside of the marina

transition was very short and then on the bike....nice n flat....legs took a bit to start thinking cycling mode (i know...another thing to practice) and then used the tri bars a mate gave me...i really enjoyed the bike...a couple of hills but no probs...it was great coming back into the marina...palm trees in the middle of the road and sooo smooth bitumen! beats the holes in blighty! was back quicker than planned (always good) and back to the run...

run was flat and through the new complex at the marina...legs again took a wee while to get back to running but was glad to overtake a few peeps...good for the ego....finished the race in 2hrs 20mins 7sec...10mins better than i had planned so very chuffed...sprinted to the end...always a good sign but makes me think i didn't try enough if i could sprint.... :0 came 30 out 35 for my age group...was extra chuffed i wasn't last!

one thing i did for this race that i've never done before is actually plan timings/speed throughout the event...so for me to work out the speed on the bike to get the time i want and then how fast i run (or jog as the case may be), helped me break up the race and feel more in control...i am sure you guys do this all the time but this was a first and i'm going to use it going forward!

so there you have it....

and am just about to enter another sprint tri next weekend....lovin the fact that the season is kicking off here and i would've finished in blighty if i was there...

enjoying the sun



  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    OK I'll reply - we are obviously all seething with jealousy

    Palm trees swaying in a cooling breeze on a sunny day, balmy seas to swim in, no wet suit required!!! Flat 'n fast bike and run sections - harrumph
  • Well done, but please don't post any more reports like this one. It'll only get us down.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    I know TRIumphant, I am amazed at the number of Aussies I have met over the years living in England and I always ask why?
    Oz - sunshine, bikini chicks (bronzed hunks for the ladeeez), barbies can be planned long term or at at the drop of a hat, coin operated BBQ's in most parks/beaches, Bondii Beach, Gold Coast, relatively inexpensive property, manners and positive outlook seen as good attributes and encouraged, health/fitness sports participation
    UK - piss poor, unpredictable weather, lard arsed chavs in cheap knockoff jogging bottoms, BBQs only if you have a marquee for when it rains, sod all in the way of public amenities/parks as the land has been sold off to build rabbit hutch sized flats, expensive property that is falling to bits, Blackpool/Skegness, manners and positive outlook seen as only for wankers - chav scum rool f###n' OK, health/fitness sports participation - what's that? is it on Sky Sports
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