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can anyone please tell me if taking creatine and whey is the done thing and if so what is the benifits and best way of using it.


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Whey protein - use it after training to help repair muscles.

    Creatine - of no use to triathletes. Creatine is used for explosive powe and not for endurance. I used it when I was in Muay Thai and it had its benefits, espec when I was training for fights. It can give you a dodgy stomach as it has to be injested, tablets, and the drops under the tongue don't work.

    I'd avoid the creatine.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Whey or any other protein potion is only of use if you are protein defficient..unlikely in a western diet..or as a true 'supplement' ie end of hard workout, need to refuel, not able to eat a meal/cook a meal/have another workout scheduled & solids won't work etc, then supplement with a carb/protein mix.
    Creatine for tri? Hmmm jury is very much out...do I hear the sound of Conehead firing up his brains?
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Creatine is something that I doubt would help with any part of tri training, unless lifting crazy heavy weights or proper sprint training is something you want to do (wouldnt know why though). Its more used by anaerobic power athletes.

    heres the science bit:
    Muscles use ATP to generate power, so when we are talking about an all-out sprint or pushing heavy weights, they can only go for a couple of secs on their own ATP supply, and this is where naturally-occuring creatine tops up muscle ATP for a few secs, taking you up to about 10sec. So you use it all up and it takes a minute or so of resting for your body to make more creatine that can be used. So by loading with supplements, a sprinter could go a bit longer, or a gym-bunny can lift a bit harder/longer to tear more fibres and get bigger muscles to flex at the laydeez on the beach.

    Aerobic endurance athletes like triathletes have fairly constant amounts of ATP or creatine cos they use different energy systems are used and its topped up as its used. Even when they need to dip into the power reserves for a sprint, its usually the lactic acid system that kicks in to give you some oomph.

    Well thats my understanding of it based on the teachings of Dr Anderson in 3rd year biochemistry.
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Brilliant summary Bman - hope everyone takes heed of your post!!
  • creatine - covered

    whey protein - depends on your dietry requirements - eating a higher ratio of proteins can help you lower bodyfat (as protein turns into fat via lipgenesis less efficiently - or something like that). Again though not seen many overweight triathletes! - It was shown in one study that protein pre-during and after an endurance event can be advantagous not just to recovery but to performance. I did try it, it did work, it wasnt fun :roll:

    One definite in supps is get a good multivit (like my proteins "alpha men" sup - not the cheapy one), glucosamine suplate for your joints and some omega 3-6-9 oils for some healthy fats!
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