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tri bars

need help, putting together a new bike, got a good frame but need to buy an intergrated tri bar set and having problems knowing which size to buy. can anyone help pleaseeeee


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Gnerally I go for bars that are roughly same width as my shoulders... 42cm for me....then adjust the tri bars so that my elbows are in line with my knees during the pedal stroke...

    narrower tri bars mean more aero dynamic however it closes the chest up and depending your physical size this may hamper your breathing. so wider would be better but then you loose aerodynamics...

    It a trade off between comfort and aero ability.
  • ok but when buying tri bars they always ask for length, so whats the best way to find out the best length for me, do i need to measure my upper arm or something ??
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