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Heart Rate Monitors


I'm hoping that one you more seasoned triathletes can help me out and explain in laymans term how to train using a heart rate monitor.

Been a keen cyclist for a number of years, taking part in continental sportives and time trials. I fancied a new challenge though and rather stupidly enetered myself for next years olympic distance London triathlon. My cyclings ok and my swimming will start improving soon (hopefully as it could be any worse) but my running could do with improving.

I have a plan i'm following at the moment of an easy 30min run on a Monday, a 30min tempo run on Wednesday and a 30min speed run on a Friday (these times increase over the upcoming weeks) but i was wondering if having a heart rate monitor and training accordingly could help. It's my birthday next week so was going to ask the missus for one but at the moment i'm at a bit of a loss as to how they even help.

Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Also, any tips on good heart rate monitor would come in handy (within reason, when i say the missus is buying it, the joint account is actually paying for it)

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