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Hey all,

The evenings are drawing in and want to keep cycling to work. I have a nice 14 mile commute which is great for rest day spin, or a hard training 10 mile TT. My bike lights are crap though and my route to work is very poorly lit - all country lanes with no street lights.

I need some lights that will not only let cars know i am there, but that will also light the road sufficiently for me to see. Does anyone have any reccomendations? I dont want to spend loads of money, but if it comes down to it i reckon i justify the expense as it will essentially buy me 4 extra months of cycling.

Cheers in advance,


  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    I just bought one of these from a recommendation on an earlier post
    try this link as it is £15 cheaper than the Fenix store online.

    I bought the bike mount as well for £7 and it does perform really well on a single AA battery.

    there are other options available but obviously more expensive, i found this is well worth it.

    has different modes to adjust brightness to preserve battery life, so in the town it's 12 lumens and you can crank it up to 120 lumens round the dark lanes.

    costs you in battery life though, I keep a couple of rechargeables in my pack but also heard the lithium batterys last well
    hope this helps !

    http://www.ultimateadventurehardware.co ... ef=froogle
  • jamewahjamewah Posts: 113
    just gone to the link and seen that they've whacked the price up to £34.95 ?

    I only paid £25 quid for mine last week ?

    They must have realised they've made a mistake ?
  • Allongside a decent light i have bought and am now using a led high viz vest - see http://www.hivizextras.co.uk/ledvests.html its only £12 quid or so - but I know that i am seen - which at least keeps the WAT officer a little bit happier about riding in the dark!

  • risris Posts: 1,002
    +1 to fenix torch with a 2-fish handlebar mount. i used an L2D last winter wih rechargeable batteries and it was excellent.

    import from the states job, but check this out for far too much light for about £50.
  • Paul123Paul123 Posts: 13
    A few of my frineds have bought lights from Dealextreme
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