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I know its not a triathlon, but I used it as a end of season fun event followed with a few beers!

just competed in this event at the weekend, enjoyed the day, very well organized (same dudes as rat race).
There's one in Nottingham and Cardiff too, I done the edinburgh event and came in a respectibleish
53 minish.

the course was a very hilly 10k with some obstacales thrown in every now and then! the last K was zig zag from princes street garden right up the castle bankment! just to finish the legs off!!

been having problems decending stairs today, quads are burning!!

Anyone else here have a go? how did you get on?



  • Good time mate, what wave were you in just out of interest?

    I impressed myself, never having done a 10k let alone being let loose on an assault course! I'd heard stories of how i'd get to rest up at all the obstacle zones with all the queues of people and with me being in wave 6 that worried me so i came up with the plan to take off in front from the start so i wouldn't need to worry about the 200 odd people behind me, just whatever people i caught up with...
    i did wonder if i was getting above my expectations there!!

    But sure enough, i took off and managed to hold 2/3rd place in my wave for the whole race, actually it was a race involving just 4 of us in the lead, the other guys all confessed to be runners only and i got in front every time at the obsticle zones and stairs (my speciality)
    We got held up only once behind a massive que in a narrow close before the inflatable obsticle course, but seeing as we were after a top time we got through until some not so sporting types said "no mate your not getting past" so 4 or 5 minutes were lost there.... before we took off again!

    Ha, and that zig zag up below the castle.... killer!!!! So i finally came in 2nd in wave 6, at 51min 32secs i was pretty happy with that.... until i saw place number 56 but then take into consideration all the people that held me up and that queue..... makes quite good going, especially when 3 weeks ago i'd never heard of the race before, then entered just then. 3weeks intensive training including twice running Ben Lomomd in 1hr 35 (8miles and 3,200ft up and down)
    Anyway, other than that i hate running... unless you add some adventure to get my adrenaline flowing!!
    Next year i'll have more time to train and..... wave 1... then ask me my time!!
  • Watch this space - I am going to unleash an event that is not to be missed.

    Just waiting on an e mail from the organiser
  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Good time!
    I was in heat 2, I tried a similar tactic at the start. think i finished 14th in my wave so it worked okay. I started to catch up with the wave in front around the water slide, but got held up also at the inflatable, not for 5 mins though (felt like it!)

    I did very little training one 13 mile fell run and couple of 4-5 milers. I entered with my ocasional training partner who also claimed to do 'No training' however he posted a 48min and i suspect this was not the case!

    Same here really enjoyed the event and gonna try be more competitive next year!

    New turbo just came in the post this morning so going for some pain!!!
  • what a fantastic event! did the cardiff one a couple of weeks ago, really looking forward to next year. We went in wave 2 and were still held up loads - there were several bottlenecks where only one person could do it at a time, had 2 wait 4 minutes at the inflatable assault course and 6 minutes at the london taxi near the end. But after i had finished the queues looked horrific when we went back to watch - people waiting 15-20 minutes for certain obstacles. Few teething problems but it was the first one in cardiff - i'm sure they'll be sorted out for next year. Probly the most fun event i have done this year, next year - wave 1!
  • JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    Wow, yours was actually 10k?!

    The nottingham one had a marker at 11k, and ended up just shy of 12k. Was awesome fun though, got absoultely filthy!

    See the middle pic in the 4th row at this link for yours truly after the army assault course, pic number 091012144558:

    Definitely getting involved next year again!
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