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UKIM 70.3 open!!!

I'm in!!!! Got the email yesterday and am already so excited, £175 plus £8.75 booking fee

who else is with me already?


  • WooHoo, I'm in a well. Just need to get into IMUK in August now, as the 70.3 was a backup / training race.
  • nfsnfs Posts: 1
    Have pre-registered and got the email this morning but cant find out how to actually enter on line. Any help appreciated. Cheers
  • grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    I'm entered and it was an absolute pain in the arse!

    The new site didn't work on any of the three computers I have on my desk. I had to go and find one some where else in the building.

    The price has gone up, why? Plus a booking fee, again why?

    Nearly £200 for a 70.3 is over the top.

    It boast all over the site that they had 8,000 people pre-register, so they surely thought we might be quite busy when registration opens. Poor planning from the off. For that amount of money I don't expect problems, you don't get them with races abroad? So why the UK.

    Sorry for the rant...
  • jsa01jsa01 Posts: 9
    I'm in too - I couldn't believe the price though!
    The email I received yesterday said booking would be open from 9am but I checked the website out at 8.30 and managed to submit my application then with no problems at all.

    I suppose I'd better start training now!
  • I jumped on early at about 8:10 this morning, and went striaght through the entry process, no problems. I can only assume it's slowed due to the amount of traffic. Price is steep, but what other options is there for some of us. For 8 months of fear, it's a bargain.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Ah-ha! I spy one of my favourite soap boxes.

    Entry fees are something that really get my goat. Train tickets, concert tickets, sporting events, (don't even get me started on budget airlines...)

    Don't you think it's suspicious that £8.75 is exactly 5% of £175? That's not an accurate assessment of the true cost to facilitate online entry, that's a lazy 5% charge. And it's bo11ocks, in my (humble) opinion.

    When there's only one possible method of entry, there's no need to slap an entry fee on - it should be included in the fee. There's an tri event management company in the E Midds, who run a series of very well organised events, who slap an entry fee on online entries, but not on postal - what's that about? Surely it's more expensive to have somebody ripping open envelopes and typing in details than it is to use their online system!

    And concert tickets vary hugely in the fees the ticket sales companies charge, all of which seem to be related to the cost of the event. Again, bo11ocks! Assess the transaction fee, add your profit on, and charge that. Better still , put it in the cost of the ticket and make us all feel a little better when we read "no admin charge". After all that, Ticketmaster charge £2.50 for first class post. On what planet?????!!!!

    <and breathe>
  • WTF. Chill out.
  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Go 5% slower... get your moneys worth!
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