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Hi all, I have been looking for training camps (cycling) in the uk, however haven't found any, if anyone could help it would be appreciated.


  • Hi,
    The guys below seem to run coaching weekends - I've never been to one of their camps so I cant endorse them though.
    They also seem to offer all round tri coaching, but are based in the North West.

  • Thanks for the reply It looks worth while going
  • I know you wanted UK, but there's a space on a week-long training camp in France for next April if you're interested? You can find details over on the BCTTT website or PM Conehead (or me and i'll pass it on). Think it's £375, not including food/travel, at Les Stables in the Dordogne
  • Found this for training camps


    it is in France but has a 25% discount at the moment for 2010 booking, and it is bespoke and open all year round and fully coached.
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    previously I banned your username and IP address as you deemed yourself worthy enough to appear on the forum pedalling your training camp. You didn't find it in the internet as its your training camp.

    A quick search of your name on google confirms it. I can now assume you've changed your username slightly and rejoined and and you are back pedalling your wares.

    Unless you are going to contribute worthy information to the forum then please stop advertising your own brand. 2nd warning mate.

    220 peeps is this to be deleted?
  • its a tricky one! but it is xmas! maybe he can help out on the forum as a show of goodwill!
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    Okay dokey. I'll let it go but he needs to contribute to the forum
  • TRAINING CAMP TIPS - Do things differently during a training camp.

    Training camps can make or break your fitness levels for the whole year!
    You should not come back exhausted and need to have 2 weeks off from fatigue nor should you end up being ill or injured.
    If you have increased your training volume during your time away by more than 25% than your previous highest week in the last 8 weeks expect back or hamstrings or both to tighten up soon after you return.

    OBJECTIVES – have a plan of what you want to achieve during your training camp - your longest session, biggest volume week, more consistency etc. Aiming to tick every box will result in you coming home over trained. We are all individuals and have different abilities and ambitions. Each year we need to build up our fitness, it’s a balance between speed strength & endurance while remaining injury free.
    MOST IMPORTANT TIP - Do things that you cannot during a normal working week including getting more REST & SLEEP.

    ADDRESS – make sure you always carry a map and the contact details of where you are staying (business card -hotel brochure etc) that way if you get lost you can show someone where you need to go, vital if you do not speak the local language! Almost every camp I have been on athletes get lost on the first few days and end up dehydrated and hungry that catches up with them in the following days that will eventually ruin the rest of their training camp objectives.

    BENEFIT – to get the most from your training camp you need to reduce your training volume when you return home, to absorb then recover and remain healthy and injury free.
    DIARY- Keep a diary and pencil in what you hope to achieve in distance or timed efforts plus recovery time. Make sure that all that spare available time is not wasted. That does not mean all day training. Aim to get a good balance of training relaxing, stretching, talking and learning from others and sleeping.

    EATING- Do not be tempted to over eat while on a training camp, you could end up coming back with a higher fat content. Eat different foods for variety and for their nutritional goodness. See if you benefit from a change of nutrition. Is your skin looking healthier? Our skin can mirror what is going on inside if you develop spots or other problems then you could be lacking certain nutriments.
    Hungry – If you cannot satisfy your hunger needs no matter what you eat this is major signal to back off as you are confusing fatigue with hunger! When fatigued, you can never satisfy your appetite.

    EVALUATE – Monitor yourself during a training camp. Make a note of your feel good factors. How do you feel out of 10? 1 being depressed 10 being very happy, excited and rearing to go! Look for mood trends towards continual fatigue.
    How much out of 10 are you tired each day? Do you get more tired as the time goes on? I.e. First day rested but been busy due to travelling etc you gave yourself a 2/10 on the first day and by day 5 you are a 7/10 and getting more tired.

    Time to back off and go with an easier group.
    Dont forget to train at least half as much as normal when you get back to repa the benefits.

    See you at the races
  • For those who can't find the appropriate training camp:

    You should check international training booking systems. These days there are many sports aggregators. I am familiar with smartsport.com. These guys basically organize a training camp for you.

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