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winter aquathlon - gear

There was a thread on this before but I can;t find it via the search so apologies for repeating the question...

What is the general advice gear wise for gear in a winter (pool based) aquathlon?

I could wear a standard tri suit but it strikes me heading off out into the wilds of Wiltshire (calne is a pretty wild place at times ;-) for 5K sacking wet in the middle of winter may not be the healthiest or most sensible thing to do.

So what do people generally do... swim in jammers then put shirt and shorts on over the top? (shirt ona wet body)? Despite the time taken to do so? Swim in Tri suit, and throw a baggy fleece over the top and a pair of shorts?




  • Knock the swim out as fast as you can, this will warm up your core temperature. Out of the pool, quickly under a warm shower, dry off, change and then go to the pub until about April. It should then be warm enough to do the run leg.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    you signed up for some of the calne things? i might consider one if there is some company.

    i'd probably go for jammers w/tritop or trisuit, grab a l-s top or fleece and then get going to dry off and warm up.

    i'm sure the serious entry's won't stop for a top but i think i would. i tried cycling out of the pool at the end of february and it was really grim.
  • LexLex Posts: 65
    Hey Didds,

    How is your 70.3 training going mate? You goint to start one of these 20 week plans in Jan?
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    Hi Lex,.. still working on my plan etc, but I'll probably start in December TBH ansd make it 6 months, with a longer base. Not sure wgere I'll get the plan from/which one to use (I have a thing about generic plans, but equally am personally unsure of the value of a coach when I am so new to it all - not sure I want to cough £X a month for someone to basically write me down a 10% rule based base plan for 3 months as I can do that myself and don;t lack motivation.)

    how about you/

  • LexLex Posts: 65
    Hey Didds,

    I had been struggling with a hamstring problem and basically nursed my way through most of my races this year. Its clearing up so at the moment Im just trying to toughen it up again and put on some extra mileage with the running and the bike. Just going to keep doing that until Christmas and then look at something a bit more structured. Ive seen a few plans on the internet, I think it will be a bit of blend of those.

    I think starting the longer base early is a good idea as Im sure there will be weeks when the weather makes the bike a bit treacherous. Its the bike that worries me slightly - I cant see where Ill the chance for a shorter, faster workout in the week in adddition to the longer weekend ride.

    I agree about the coach. As long as you know what you need to do and have the motivation to do it thats surely the key? Besides, once we get to the evening of 30th May we'll have a lot better idea what we need to do for the next one!
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