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I know its a fairly small piece but it's an important one.

I currently 'use' Zoggs Predator goggles, and originally I thought great, fantastic etc etc.

However, There seems to be a issue with the fit where water enters the eye pieces and they mist up after every length.

Now either I'm not setting them up properly (though two straps, one adjusts, doesnt seem to be that complicated), or they are just a bad fit for my face (as the actress said the the bishop).

Can anyone recommend me a good pair of goggles that can be used for both pool and openwater swims?

Or is it a bit of trial and error to find one that fits my face correctly?


  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    simonb256 wrote:

    Or is it a bit of trial and error to find one that fits my face correctly?
    Thats pretty much what I've found I'm afraid. I've had a few pairs this year:

    Aquasphere Kaimans x 2 - lost one pair, love them so bought another
    AS Kayenne - Took a bit of getting used too but pretty decent as slightly different face fit. Might buy another pair as chlorine has taken its toll on these
    AS Eagles - Decent goggles, good fit for me, but blimey do they leave goggle marks on my face!
    AS Vista goggles - Masktype and do not fit my face at all
    Blue Seventy Siren (free when joined BCTTT!) - Nice goggles, good fit, but lost them in transition at Tatton Park, doh!
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i had a pair of speedo speedsockets that until this summer had performed flawlessly. after 2 races where they leaked themselves into a kicking i picked up a pair of blueseventy hydra-visions and they have been superb.

    no problems, good fit and very comfy. only used them in pool swims though, although i think they are designed for ow, too.
  • Again I've tried loads, fromSeppdo,Aqausphere and BlueSeventy. However, I always come back to Aquasphere Kayenne. Never had a problem with them, and comfortable. Prior to any event I always use an anti-fog spray just to keep them clean. I also have a specific pair for open water swims (clear and tinted), and a pair specifically for chlorine.

    However, because they work for me doesn;t mean they will work for you, unfortunately it's trial and error. Good job they aren't too expensive
  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I used to use Arena google till sportsdirect stopped selling them. Moved back to speedo, they still leaked. Moved on to Zoggs, leaked. Champion, leaked. Aquasphere Kaimen, perfect no problems with leaking. Got some Aquasphere vista's for open water and they leak. The BlueSeventy Hydravision I got when I joined BCTTT are great for open water though, goggle style but much nicer than my Kaimens in the sea.

    Conclusion: Everyone is different so one brand will not fit all. Also every goggle from one brand won't fit either. I'd say if Zoggs and Speedo leak for you give Aquasphere Kaimen/Eagle a go, but don't expect miracles.

    There is also an art to getting the strap just tight enough, too loose they'll leak and too tight and they'll leak. Try slackening them off till they fit very lightly, swim a length tighten one notch if they leak, repeat until you are swimming 10+ lengths with no leaks.
  • I'd reiterate the strap thing. It;s only there to hold them in place, not to squeeze your eyeballs out. You should be able to remove the strpa, and the goggles stay in place. Any gogles marks on your face when they are removed then they are too tight.

    Also, Jibby says to try 10+ lengths. That's OK, but ideally you need to try them up to race distance. No point being OK for 400m in a 750m swim, or worse a 3800m swim.
  • Thank you guys for the replies. I guess I will need to try a few more out, though probably make double sure this weekend that its not just me setting them up wrong.
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Sadly it's very trial and error with goggles.

    If you find a pair that don't leak, but do fog up, you can buy anti-fog to spray in them, which should help.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I've had zoggs, speedo, Aquasphere and blueseventy's.

    The only ones that don't steam up are the blueseventy's. Been using them mostly in the pool and I keep using them cause they are good. Can't remember the name of them as I got them via conehead.
  • I've been using the same pair of Predators for over a year.
    Misting: give the goggles a lick before you get in (like spitting in a diving mask) or use Aqua Sphere Antifog Solution (put's a film on the lens).
    Also, if they start to leak I give them a good wash with Fairy Liquid - get's off all the accumulated chlorine and pond gunk.
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