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UKIM 70.3 ride no 1

Ok, looking at the diary i think that i can probably just about squeeze a ride in next month for those of you that would like to join me. I make no promises about the intensity/pace in terms of it being a useful training ride but i can guarantee not to get lost as i am now pretty familiar with the route.

I don’t know how many of you, no make that us, are doing the 70.3 in june, or would just like to have a go around the course but i think it’s worth a couple of visits over the next few months in order to assess training requirements if you want to take it seriously.

I, however, take nothing seriously and will therefore be attempting to get round on a unicycle come race day if they’ll allow it.

So, back to the point, i think that i will be going for a nice little ride around Wimbleball on the weekend of the 21/22nd november and would like to offer one and all the chance to join me.

I have no personal preference as to which day so will open it up on both the BCTTT and 220 forum’s and leave that to the popular vote. For those living a little further afield who want to come, i can offer some limited sofa/floor space for a night if you don’t mind the WAT and the BRAT whinging about the amount of lycra lying about, or a tent in the garden at the worst case.

Let me know you’re thoughts peeps, the more of us the better as far as i’m concerned. But nobody who can cycle at over 20mph allowed

Ris, didds, etc, come along and prove that the Westcountry chapter is at least capable of organising a ride in the country if not the proverbial PUIAB.

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