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off road trails in london?

one more quick one guys, does anyone know of any off road trails in and around london?
i am based around angel/old st so somewhere not miles away from here would be great ..all i can think of is the local parks, finsbury, vicky but they are not exactly off road....
any suggestions welcome! thank you


  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    hi eve - i asked a similar question a little while ago and I noticed it popped up again - there were a couple of suggestions I've not tried yet (they do involve leaving the M25 - I've got to work my way up to such a crazy thought...).

  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    Central Line to Epping forest, or earlier if you wish.

    Could go all the way to Epping and then cycle back pretty much all the way through the forest to Leyton.

    I cycle in Epping forest regularly and can easily clock up 20 miles on trails and only cross a road occasionally.
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