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recovery time from illness

Hi Mattyc

The only advice I can give is - listen to your body!

I had to have seven weeks off earlier this year because I went back to it too soon and ended up getting really run down and then having a chest infection.You need time to recover fully or you'll end up being away from training for longer.

If you have a heart rate monitor - have a look at your resting heart rate in the morning - it's best to do it first thing and to take an average over 3 days. If it's high I'd keep the sessions easy or have a rest day. Once you feel it is back to normal - go for it!


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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Sympathy goes out to you mattyc!! I caught an absolute stonker of a chest infection in january, felt like poo for 3 weeks. The best advice I can give you is not to train until you feel up to it. If you train whilst still feeling shitty you could do some proper long term damage. I know you just want to get out there and train and you can almost feel your fitness ebbing away but you'll be suprised about how much you havnt lost when you get back out there. Only 2 weeks after I recoverd and I was back doing hard sessions like normal, Take the first few very easy and work up to it.

    Trust me you'll be fine and it shouldnt affect your season at all!!

    Good luck[:)]
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    can anyone help with this slightly obscure query ? having spent the past 3 months training well for blenheim & london later this year at the end of march i got caught out be a nasty chest infection. still haven't shaken it off and as a result haven't trained for 3 weeks. anyone got any views on how long to leave it after being ill before cranking up the training again. all replies appreciated, i'm itching to get back training but wary of setting myself back further if i start too soon.
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    thanks legalbeagle & MG both useful posts, i think i'll leave it another 10 days and then see how i feel, i guess rushing back is not going to work short term and i am really looking forward to london and i would rather sacrifice blenheim to make sure i'm fit. thanks again for your posts.
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