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Newbie - compartment syndrome & compression socks

I guys, firstly I'm new to the forum, so "Hi"...

I want to start training for tri events and maybe mix in some ar; all middle distance stuff.

I am a regular mountain biker, cyclist and hill walker and have been known to plod a little cross country just for fun.

My problem is that a number of years ago I developmed compartment syndrome in both lower legs / shins. It got to the stage that I could not even walk with any pace (hill walking etc) let alone run. At the time I was a member of the Royal Marines Reserve and had to give this up because of the condition.
I was operated on and have been much much better since. However, I am still suffering, I can not really run more than a little plod on softer surface, and its more a case of jog - walk - jog - walk before the pain comes back (although if it does its nowhare near as bad as pre-op).

Obviously there is some scar tissue, pins and needles etc around my shins. The wole thing obviously has a knock on effect to my calves, and thus when running I get MMF burn in my calves much sooner and with more ferocity than I do when cycling; I'm guessing because of the trauma and impact of running.

My question is, would compression socks, or calf/shin compression tubes be of any use with this?

I've read much which suggests they might, but nothing conclusive.

The ones I have been looking at are the Compressport range.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts; sorry it was so longwinded!
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