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Morning all

I'm a specs wearer and have to wear them if I want to see pretty much.
Up to now I have squinted through regular goggles for the swim then put on a pair of transition lens'd specs in T1 for the bike and run which works pretty well (unless its raining)

Coming up to new glasses time and wondering what any other spec wearers do?
Does anyone have prescription goggles? What do they cost? Are they worth it?
Is it worth getting prescription cycling glasses?

Intrested to hear


  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    Personally I wear contact lenses, having sailed for a long time glasses and rain or fog don't make it particulary easy to see.

    Aquasphere make replacemnet lenses for their Eagle googles which are great it you have a simple short sighted prescription (http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/swim/9/Aqua_S ... 360028200/) would work out at about £35 for a pair of prescription goggles that way (£15 for goggles + 2 x £10 for lenses), shop around and you may get them cheaper. My dad has a pair and is happy with them even though they don't fix his astigmatism. Speedo used to make prescription goggles that you could get through your optician.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    As I am blind as a bat without my specs I also wear contacts,

    Apart from looking 'kewll' when cycling the eyewear should protect your eyes from road debris. Standard eyewear simply does not cut it and I wear ESS ICE Army Ballisic glasses (for which one can get prescription inserts) but prior to that had a pair of Bolle Contour safety glasses.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    For the life of me, I cannot get on with contacts..altho it is years since I tried...so I have arena prescription goggs which as luck would have it TKMaxx had a few years ago for about a tenner I think, before I just did the squinty thing which I now do in open water instead.
    Chuck on my Oakley specs with transition lenses & orf I go.
    Todays run session with a combo of wind, rain & sweaty me, meant I took them off as I couldn't see a thing with them on, better with them off. (Prescription goggs are 1.5 & just about right..slightly weak.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i need only mild correction so can usually cope without glasses if i absolutely have to. in training i usually gut go with being a bit blurry but in a race i normally bung in some contacts. i can't usually manage them for more than a couple of hours so i've been fine so far.

    i bought a pair of prescription goggles from vision express about 5 years ago for my other half (she is -8.5 and -9.5 or something ridiculous like that). she loves them and they didn't cost all that much (£25-30 i think). i have no idea if they are suitable for ow though.
  • I would suggest contacts. But the problem with contacts is they might fall off or move up if your eyes dry up. If you feel comfortable with contacts, then go with them, but I think cycling glasses would still be great.

  • SteSte Posts: 3

    Personally, as a 24 / 7 glasses wearer, who spent years with contacts from permanent to daily, I understand your problem! Contacts are great until one falls out or a microscopic spec of dust blinds you with searing agony.




    For the swim, I use prescription goggles from:




    as my prescription is -9 in one eye, and -4.5 in the other, I am limited to "Build your own kits" such as Blick or Sutton Swimwear. Currently, due to their better fit and smaller eyepiece, I am using these:




    At £17 they beat my £480 vision express glasses for price! You then only need to replace the relative eye side when your prescription changes.


    On a pool swim tri I often then give my glasses to the length counter marshal on my lane, in open water, I run with them on to T1 and swap.


    I may keep my actual glasses on, for the bike and run, but I also have these:




    You basically buy a prescription glasses frame (£10)  from them and get it glazed by your optician of choice, and it then clicks in behind the glasses you've brought. As you don't see the prescription, you can get them done cheap (My thin lenses cost £250, for these cycling glasses, it cost £60) so I have prescription sport glasses for about £120 with free frame breakage warranty replacement. You can then buy more sunglasses to suit you and then just switch the prescription insert around. I do as some of them are smart enough to wear off the bike / run.


    I got mine from:




    As the staff were very helpful when I enquired about them.


    Hope this helps. Ste (Sorry about the long post!)

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