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coaching services and standards

hi all,
are there any people on here who have or had a coach or know of people who do or generally are familiar with coaching services?
i am doing a little research as to what kind of service you usually get from a coach, what you can expect to pay and what you would get for your money, what you can expect from them and how that would differ from following a program from a mag/book etc
i should mention here that i have a coach but having not had another one before i do not know if what i am getting is enough, too much, too little ....
thank you very much for your help!


  • moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    I've been wondereing about this to, as I'm self coached and think I'd benefit from some proper shouting at - oops sorry direction So far I've been quoted £50 for a tailored monthly programme with a coach who you don't see and then extras for if you have face to face - not sure how the shouting bit works in this scenario. So I'm going to be bimbiling along on my tod still with helpful thoughts podded in from my virtual tri club (BCTTT) as my nearet tri club is a 100 mile round trip - have thought about going along to local running and bike clubs - 50 mile round trip - but my minimal contact thus far has been a tad intimidating. This season, my first, completely based upon what I could work out from books and the web and whilst I know what I should be doing it would be so much more fun doing it with some one else or having some one to keep the motivation going
    My ramblings proberly not helped at all
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    yes this is pretty much it for me, £50 for a remote coach i do not see, extra for 1to1, extra for swim coaching etc
    one customised program a month and the occassional email - i am missing the human contact too and the kick up the ass when you most need it - this is why i wondered how other coaches operate
    i would not have done what i have achieved so far without my coach who is absolutely amazing i just feel i sometimes need more ...
    i want someone to train me with the same passion dedication and ambition and scientific background they would chrissie wellington (although she's sacked her coach and is currently self coaching- that must say a lot huh? )
    ....too much to ask? this is what i want to know.. too much to ask for that money or is it up to the individual coach? if it is, and there are coaches out there who'd call me at 4.30 in the morning to shout abuse down my phone until i'm out of bed and on the bike i want their number now!!!!
    .....on a second thought...maybe i need to join the army...
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