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secure bike storage

As an active family of five we now have 7 bikes to store somewhere, most of which are currently distributed around the house; the majority of them are now of sufficient value to ensure they don't become stolen.

(interestingly enough this week we hav ehad a broken flat screen that was put out to be taken to the recycling centre disappear, but not the two "tesco's/argos" style MTBs left leaning against the hedge adjacent to it!)

Anyhow, we are investigating options for bike storage, one of which is a bespoke shed/small stable built around a concrete floor with sheffield stands set in it - but that will be somewhat prcey a solution ... maybe.

Possibly there are alternative solutions somebody could suggest? natch it would need to be lockable and for aesthetics purposes aka keeping my wife happy, it probably needs to not be too garish or "horrible looking" (yeah, I know... define "horrible looking" !).


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