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What middle distance?

Hi All.

I want to do my first muddle distance race next year and i am only really able to start a proper training program after May due to time constraints. This in theory would mean i could prepare for a race in Aug/Sept.

I am thinking of trying the New Forest Middle? Does anyone prefer any other events at this time of year or is New Forest worth a go?



  • Have a look in the events section - there is a thread already well under way there about Half Ironman events
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I did the New Forest this year. It is a nice comfortable swim, quite tough bike but absolutely stunning and an absolutely brutal run (all off road, except the first and last mile).

    Having said all of that I would highly recommend it. It is exceptionally well organised and the scenery is amazing. The roads are pretty quiet and it is well supported at the start/ finish.

    This one is all about the run really, which as I've said, is brutal. When you come out of 'Sandy Balls Holiday Park', which is where T2 and the finish is, you go for a mile up the road and then turn off road. it is pretty much all up and down and I reckon there were at least 8 100ft climbs if not more. It's all on Forest track so isn't too bad under foot, except for one of the climbs at about the 8/9 mile mark, which was basically a large climb (reckon 150ft) where the path was about 4 inches deep in sand. It was pretty much like a sand dune and everyone near where I finished (7 hours) was walking it.

    I'd do it again and I thoroughly recommend it, you ust need to be prepared for the fact that this is one tough run. I really can't stress that enough!

    You need to be early though as it does sell out VERY quickly. In fact this year, they were so over subscribed that they ran a second race another couple of weeks after!

    Thoroughly recommend it, book early and be prepared for one tough mother of a run!
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Have a look at the Vitruvian.... although not quite a middle distance (4 miles short on bike) It will be the best organised race you go to. The Swim is very good, a 2lap affair, who actually get out the lake run around the specatators and dive back in again for a 2nd lap.
    The bike is 2 laps of the Dambuster course, so you could do the Dambuster (standard) in June as prep, Its a tough bike but its a quick course despite having to climb the rutland ripple (3 hills) twice.
    The run is a flat 21km, 2 laps with plenty of feed stations.

    This is by far the most well organised event I have been too, It is my favourite race of the year!

    I think it costs around £95 to enter but is worth it!

    A tough race but not that hard its gona leave you thinking why the hell have I stepped up to Middle distance, Instead it will more than likely leave you thinking that you now have a new fave distance and you dont want to go back to standard again:)

    Its usually the first weekend in September
  • £95 though... bloody hell!!

    I really can see my settling on middle distances as opposed to OD in the future but nearly a hundred quid a race does worry me.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    £95 looks a bargain when compared to him/70.3 uk at nearly £185 for non bta members, particularly if the vit is as well organised as hussler suggests.
  • It's the Vitruvian for me!
    I've heard nothing but good things about it.
    Saying that the New Forest would be my next choice.
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    Another thumbs up for the Vitruvian from me.

    Raced this a couple of times now as well as dambuster and totally agree with husslers comments.

    The Vit has been voted 220 mag Race of the Year for the last 2 years in the over 500 competitors catagory.

    Another plus for this race is the fact you can camp overnight right next door to transition for about a fiver.
  • Vitruvian for me, although Bala is also worth a look - awesome scenery but found it tougher than VItruvian
  • The Little Woody. Low key, well organised, no cut off times, £65. Enough said.
  • Not a middle distance obviously but I've just forked out £80 for Windsor Oly next year!!!


    Question - as tri's increase in their popularity are the event organisers putting up the prices ? Cos i think they are .
  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    Did anyone do the Marshman this year? It's the perfect 6-7 weeks before IM Austria (and therefore IM Germany) and I'm planning on doing it next year-but would love to hear if anyone did it and what they thought of the event.
  • Forgot about the Little Woody!

    There's also the Swashbuckler in the New Forest, May 23rd.
    http://www.racenewforest.co.uk/10_swash ... 230510.htm

    Don't forget Spencers Words of Wisdom for Middle Distance
    http://www.blacksheepsports.co.uk/publi ... aspx?id=92
  • bathtubbathtub Posts: 280
    The Little Woody. Low key, well organised, no cut off times, £65. Enough said.
    Having raced the Big Woody I agree entirely about the good organisation and Low Key, but the problem with being low key means hardly any spectators which means pretty much no atmosphere.

    ithurts was looking for his first middle distance race so thats why I would reccomend the Vitruvian with hundreds of spectators there to cheer him on and possibly lift his spirits if he was flagging during the race.
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