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Zipp Wheels

Are Zipp wheels that much better than SRAM, HED etc. Or are you just paying for the name? To me it seems like as the majority of PRO's are using them, they are putting the price right up. But i would still love some.

I want some areo wheels for UK 70.3 and various other sprints and olympics (mainly flatter courses), do would the 404's be suitable for UK 70.3?



  • I read this post when I got in to work and thought, "Zipps?! Dear God, better stand back, Conehead'll be in here soon!"
    I was right.

    Mmm... American Classic, you say? What Northern bike shop might I buy these from?
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I use Fast Forward wheels and I think they are excellent!

    Zipp are very good but massively overpriced. There are wheels out there loads cheaper that are just as good.
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