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What more could have gone wrong

So competed in Dorney Sprint Distance Tri today.

For the first time ever i was organised Box ready night before and packed bike cleaned and adjusted night before all i had to do was pack the car and leave.

It all started so well...

Got on the motorway dam forgot my cold rice pudding brekky

Turned up at the event.............erm no i didn't i followed event parking signs, which actually turned out to be the finish of Buckingham Palace to Windsor castle cycle. Bike was out box was carried miles across a field........What a nobber.
Get back in the Car Mrs informs me she has to get petrol as she didn't realise the car was showing only 5 miles left.
actually did nearly 12 looking for a petrol Station in Windsor.
1 Massive argument later super stress and finally Tesco's to the rescue it's now 8.50am and i am still 7 miles from Dorney lake according to Tom Tom and i have to be racked and stacked for briefing by 9.20am
Total blanking of the Mrs for 15 minutes otherwise i think i would have started world war 3.
We arrived at 9.05 Jumped out and this proves the spirit of Tri i grabbed the marshal on the car park explained to him in one sentence "Mrs..Driving...Lost..angry" he radioed forward they pre registered me and handed me my numbers and chip as soon as i arrived.
No time to prep box down wetsuit on running to brief with mrs attached to wetsuit chord.
anyhoo started strong 13min swim.
bike Felt absolutely fantastic 2nd lap in aero passing passing passing absolutely on fire looked down for a drink. OMG!!!! i had left timing chip in T1.
Stopped at the Transiton Marshal he just said cary on at least you'll get a time.
Shouted at the Mrs as i went into lap 3.
Once again the Marshals were bang on they found my timing chip at my box in my wetsuit. and walked the mrs to the Bike in before the timing marker.
The only issue I had was the Bike included one stop + T1 time
Total Time 1.21 my last tri at the same distance was 1.34 i know you can't compare but this is a big difference.

Anyway Thanks to Dorney Marshals for your help today you really made an event for me and shows the spirit of all involved.

Sorry had to share this with like minded people as others would not undersatnd


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    sounds like an unnecessarily smooth race, with some great times. the least you could have done is forgotten your trisuit, raced in your pants and got lost on the run.

    have you made it up with the mrs now, or did she drive off as you completed the race, leaving you the job of balancing the bike box on your tribars for the ride home?
  • Seems not so bad as i thought

    Mrs is Bang on I bought her steak and Ale pie in a local boozer she liks while i treated myself to a sirloin job done. The way to apologies to a Northern/Irish Lass steak and Ale pie.

    Ok so i didn't have to do it in my birthday suit although it did feel like a Nightmare at the time.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Blaze you get used to these little things that are sent to try us e.g bought a new wetsuit in July, August took part in the Club Relays on the Saturday, got home washed my wetsuit and stretched it out to dry over the bath. Sunday carefully went though my checklist and set off for my individual race at the Nottingham tri - about 15mins away nagging feeling developed, about to pull into car park - bugger wetsuit at home. Couldn't borrow one so had to buy another - well due an upgrade.
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