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UK IM 70.3 2010

Any advice RE the bike set up for the Wimbleball 70.3., especially in relation to the 'perfect' chain ring/cassette/gears combo.
I'm sure there are plenty of Wimbleball 'Vets' out there...


  • It all depends on how strong a biker you are. I've done it 3 times, always with a compact 50/34, and initially a 27 on the back and this year a 25. If in doubt make sure you have an easy gear, as it sure won't make you go any slower! if you're a stronger rider then you'll have no difficulty with the gearing above, and would manage on a standard double with a 27 no problem. Hope that's some use! The hills really aren't that bad...
  • Anyone attempted it on a fixie??
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