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Antwerp 70.3 June / July 2010

Hi all,

Does anyone know when the registration for this event goes live?? I am desparate to enter this event but I am very conscious of how quickly these events fill up...




  • Have you looked at the website ? ? ? ?
  • unsuprisingly, the website was the first place I looked, but unfortunately it only indicates that "registrations are currently not being accepted" - consequently I have written this post....

    I can see the race date of July 25th 2010 on the website but no imminant deadline for entry, therefore I kind of hoped someone might be able to remember roughly when then entered in previous years.
  • Yea my bad sorry - didn;t mean that post to sound arsey....

    Think it's early Jan but I may be wrong - that rings a bell but I can't remember why.
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