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Hey guys, got a question about cycling shoes.
i currently have some shoes that take 'look' cleats. they are ok, useless when running and i'll never be confident enough to do the elastic band thing. I also get cramp in my right toes which i think is caused by my right foot being a little wider than my left foot (i get this while running too so i'll need to look at that for next year).
anyway in thinking about changing my shoes i was thinking about getting the type that take SPD clips. these tend to have more of a tread, are a bit more flexible and hopefully will be a bit more comfy.

I hear that the 'look' type ones are more efficient at transferring the power than SPD's which i accept but how much difference will it really make??

has anybody used both???


  • I've used both. Look cleats on my road bike, and SPD's on mountain bikes and hybrids. There's obviously a bit more play in the SPD's. Can't really say I've noticed any power loss in the SPD's, but the shoes are a lot easier to walk in, escpecially if you get one's with recessed cleats.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i use spd's on my town bike and spd-sl's (similar to looks) on my road bike, and personally i find the spd's a lot less connected and 'floppy' than -sl's. whether this makes an enormous difference in power transfer i don't know, but i defo prefer the -sl's for cycling with.
  • I've used SPD's when I used to race in my commuting shoes.
    They're actually really good and you can pretty much do a full sprint to the mounting line as soon as they're on.
    Do what works for you.

    If it makes you feel better my last Olympic I had to use £3 BMX pedals because I forgot my cycling shoes. Still passed a few TT bikes. :roll:
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