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Turbo Trainers - Evans extra discount

folks , been on the hunt for a new turbo trainer for last few weeks, missed a few on ebay, checked out wiggle etc...so i know the current prices... just bought one off Evans as they are offering an additional 10% discount with the voucher code 'WINTER'...got my fluid 2 for £150!....ok i spent the rest of the cash on a riser block, sweat guards etc..


  • Sounds good, i was looking at the Fluid two back in Feb and it was over £200!

  • TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228
    Nice one sharing the deals.

    I also just bought a turbo.
    I went for the fluid pro at wiggle got for just over 200 quid. I also spent what I saved on climbing block and oddly name sweat 'thong' thing!!

    It's a pain machine for sure!
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