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Hi everybody

I really need some help finding someone/a group/ a coach in the vicinity of Medway Kent to help me with my swimming. I did my first openwater swim at the Beckshill sprint Tri in August and my swim was so bad it was unbelievable. The only positive was that I somehow made it without waiting for the tide to just push me onto the shore. I do shiftwork with a young family and therefore cannot commit to the same time of the week every week. I would happily join a club but I get the impression that clubs are for swimmers to practice and compete not to unlearn all of my selftaught bad habits and pretty much start from scratch.

I had one lesson with a local coach but she was coaching from a short distance perspective and really pushing for huge amounts of kicking which I have read is the last thing I should be concentrating on.

Any help/ advice or directions would be most appreciated.


  • Hi Jus1974, how far are you prepared to travel - Tonbridge has a good set up and is very friendly swim TRAINING Tuesday and Thursday early am on Saturday open water when the weather gets better
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390

    I can do one-2-one swim sessions.... I am the BCTTT Coaching Co-ordinator...

    Unfortunately I live in the midlands.... However I am coming down to Surrey to compete in the Ballbuster Duathlon next weekend.... If we could arrange to meet up somewhere I could do a one-2-one session with you if you would like. I can discuss cost etc if your interested.

    The best thing is to start from scratch with swimming to be honest.

    By the way if you dont know anything about me.... heres a brief history....

    I started Tri 3 years ago and couldnt swim FC, my first race, a Sprint tri consisting of a 400m pool swim, Took me 10:30 to swim/float the 400m lol..... after initailly teaching myself to swim then getting a coach I can now swim 22 mins for 1500m, 5:30 for 400m etc...I now coach people aswell as compete at GB level age group long distance at Tri.

    If you want to get in touch either reply on here or PM me:)

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