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1st season questuon

Hi all, just after a bit of info how long do you guys wait between races ? My fist race next year is 7oaks then was thinking doing tonbridge, both are sprints and three weeks apart? What do you think. Also heard that there will be an OD in Dartford has any body heard about it? Thanks in advance


  • as long as your ready for the 1st sprint, 3 weeks is more than enough time,
    your probably find after the first the second cant come quick enough
  • This year is my first year of Tri, and my induction was three sprints over three consecutive weekends. Thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and learnt a huge amount in a short period of time. 3 weeks apart is more than enough, and as toomuch said, once you;ve got one under your belt you'll be itching to do another.
  • Cheers Guys, ans from around the world!! Tring to be sensible this season, few sprints and possibly two OD with a few sportives and a half marathon, slowly slowly catchy ironman!!!!
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