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Spinervals (or equiv)

Shiny new turbo about to be setup and looking to invest in some spinerval DVD's but the list is endless ...1st proper winter training so base training goals of upping endurance, higher cadence, sweat a lot , drop some timber, any guidance on good ones to start with?...(also any equivs of spinervals that are any good?)


  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    My favourites

    Spinervals 1 - No slackers allowed
    Spinervals 9 - Have Mercy
    Spinervals 23 - Time Saver

    Started with 1, fairly all round workout. 23 is split in three parts and does some superspins and single leg drills. 9 is a compilation of stuff from earlier ones (2 hours long so better value as well).
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Try rick kiddle training dvd's. There quite good (apart from the he advert fest) but the information is quite good.
  • Spinervals 23 is really handy. Short workouts, so easy to fit in.
    I've got a few of them on my iPod and I use them more than any others.
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Not really a ringing endorsement there then Shadowone1!
  • Had some explaining to do over the weekend when WAT office found a list of DVDs on my purchase list
    Ride Strong / Sweating Buckets / Enter the Red zone! / Lean & Mean / Have Mercy

    can't see where the confusion came in.....
  • cyclops real rides - Power had a simialr effect - thoigh I was incapable to speech to explain - best describes my clour
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Re: Spinervals (or equiv)
    by jac » 31 Oct 2009 08:30

    Not really a ringing endorsement there then Shadowone1!
    Not really in it for endorsing just passing an opinion. The dvd is full of nicely placed products such powerbar, redbull etc..... its really annoying cause otherwise it would be great. The sessions are really focused and good.
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