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Bike Boxes/ Bags for airlines?

Anyone got any suggestions as to how to safely transport my pride and joy on an airline.

The flight and bike are booked, I've just got nothing to carry it in!!!!!

Suggestions please.........


  • I have a Pro Bike Bag, much cheaper than the above but obviously doesn't protect the bike as much. In it's defence as long as the bike is packed properly you will not have any issues.
  • Is it carbon fibre? Box!
    If not, bike bag 'might' be okay but put foam lagging on tubes and LOTS of fragile stickers on it!
  • I used a dhb box this year to go to a training camp in spain I am a complete novice when it comes to taking the bike to bits. I did ok and was able to put it back togeather again quite quickly.

    The box is strong and the only bad thing is the wheels go damaged on the way back , but wiggles replaced it free of charge.

    The good thing about a box is that you can pack other things in there as well as on easy jet wasn't a weight limit on the box , friends took a bag and ended up paying another £80 as over weight

    DHB is good and strong recommanded cheap compared to the cost of a new bike

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