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Bike Computer Installation

Couple of queries with installing a bike computer I would like some assistance with please!
Done this with MTBs many times but new road bike giving me some headaches!

I've just got a Topeak computer and the wheel magnet, plus its gubbins, is a great mass of metal which to me is a significant weight unlike a Cateye plastic clip on type I've used in the past.

The instructions show where to position it but common sense tells me that the balance of the wheel will be affected at speed. I've positioned it across from the rim joint (which has excess material in it to close the hoop) which I think will counteract the opposing weights and balance the wheel to some degree.

Is my logic sound or utter rubbish!!??

Something else I've had trouble with is the forks and chainstays are irregulalry shaped so the fit of all the sensors looks terrible (its a cadence type so has two sensors one on fork and one on chainstay).

Any suggestions on how to secure the sensors snugly on irregular shaped bits of frame!??



  • Just cable tie as best as possible then forget its there.

    As for wheel balance, the tube, tyre, wheel and hub will all have slight imbalance so a wheel weight will make no odds. Maybe spin the wheel up, see where it settles then put the magnet the other side to where it settles.
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