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The Haworth Mudman Duathlon Race Report

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  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I wish I could say you were exaggerating. But you aren't. There were a couple of places where both feet were underwater - throughout the entire revolution of the pedals. It was lapping over the bottle cages.

    It was at one of those points when I thought "Maybe I should have done some proper mountain biking before". I was a little unprepared for the conditions - I've mainly stuck to nice trails and roads - as a solo rider, I don't fancy the idea of lying undiscovered in some ditch for three days. Also, my rather ancient MTB was pushed close to the edge of destruction. Maybe I can get another one now - one with some front suspension which might help descending. I didn't mind the climbs - but the riding down waterfalls was a bit interesting - especially when you got to the rapids. Anyway, I was a far better mountain biker by the end

    I contemplated some waterproofs - realised it would make absolutely no difference, and just tried to go hard enough to keep warm. Although by the time I got back to T2 (after all the downhill) I was shivering. The run soon warmed me back up again, but I was disappointed that it was so short - as there was no way I could make up the time from my rather poor biking.

    It was certainly an eye opener. There were a couple of times when we shot past some other MTBers, looking at the route and thinking "No, it's impossible today". Only to have a load of maniacs come riding through the water past them.

    It has a certain dream like quality now. Only 60 or so of the 90+ who entered took part. Which is a pity, because, like the survivors of some aftermath, all we want to do is talk about it! But you had to be there to understand...

    My report is here... http://bcttt.com/forum/general-discussion/haworth-mudman-duathlon-report
  • At least it wasn't as cold as last year!

    I'm not sure lack of experience off road/on a mountain bike was of much importance, I mtb a lot through the year and have never experienced conditions anywhere like this. It was one of the most surreal and even comedic episodes of my life - thoroughly enjoyable for all the wrong reasons. I doubt anybody who took part will ever ride through so much standing water that is so deep, so much rushing water both with and against the current, not to mention the attempt to climb that waterfall inappropriately named 'the stairs' - did anybody ride it?

    A huge amount of credit to everyone who finished the event, massive thanks to the organisers, but mostly to the marshalls who stood out in that hideous weather and actually shouted encouragement at us! Brilliant! and not a sign of any Health & Safety miscreants blithering that we might become the largest group ever to simultaneously drown whilst riding bikes.
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