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Puncture Nightmare, Help!


Background blurb.... I have a reasonable idea how to fit inner tubes to avoid 'snake bite' and valve tear punctures, I keep the tyres at a good pressure, I've tried slime inner tubes (seemed ineffective) and fitted some continental gatorskin tyres. However, I still seem to be getting punctures, first one tonight in 3 weeks since I fitted the gatorskin tyres, but there's a slice in the rear tyre and I imagine it's going to start puncturing regularly. Prior to fitting the gatorskins I had 6 punctures in 10 journeys.

This is frustrating and I'm commuting 40 miles a day, so I really need a reliable set of tryes / tubes. Two questions if anyone can help;

Is there any way to patch the tyre i.e. a glue or patch to heal the slice in the tyre? I can't afford to be buying new tyres every couple of weeks. I'm thinking 'no more nails' for bike tyres?!

Is there such a thing as an affordable, solid tyre that doesn't use an inner tube?

Any other tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm starting to think that punctures are just an unavoidable nightmare....



  • GHarvGHarv Posts: 456
    Are you keeping them pumped up to a decent pressure? When i say keep pumping them up i.e. before every ride?
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Your tyres should be checked more or less on every journey. Tyres pressure should be roughly 100psi to 120psi.

    I used to have this prob and generally while you changed tyres, as we don't know the type they might be a lower quality. I can't stress enough about a good set of tyres. I paid £30 a tyre for ones with kevlar as I had a similar prob. since changeing and keeping tyres at 100psi no punctures. touch wood.
  • The continental gatorskin tyres are £22 a tyre and they are kevlar lined, unfortunately it wasn't the tyre wall that was the problem, the slice was on the top of the tyre...

    I keep the tyres at 120 psi and I check that every day. The tyres that I replaced were the standard tyres that came on the bike, it's a focus cayo and the tyres were - Schwalbe Lugano.

    Just before I replaced them, they were looking like they had gotten quite sliced up as well. They did seem to survive for 2 months though before it was a problem.
  • Maybe just a matter of crap on the roads?? I stay out the gutter and keep eyes peeled for any debris on road. Maybe you need better quality rim tape as well??
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    If your previous tyre was all sliced up too then it sounds like there is just loads of crap on the roads you are riding!!

    I have heard of people doing a temporary repair to a slice in the tyre with superglue!!! Never tried it myself and not sure I'd want to rely on it at 40mph downhill????

    Might be worth a go though if you are just commuting on that tyre!
  • The roads I'm cycling on are lousy, many of them are potted and rough and there has been a lot of debris recently.

    As you say, I've started cycling with my attention on the crap in the road and I've even started cycling a little further from the curb, as that's where most of the broken glass and the like seems to collect, next to the pavement.

    What is rim tape? I've never heard of that...

    Superglue, I'm going to give it a go
  • rim tape is stuck to the rim to stop damage to the tube from the spoke eyes. Its just sometimes when people keep getting punctures this can get overlooked. If its worn around the spoke holes then stick some new on.

    As for slime tubes and things like that.. i really dont know anyone who uses them? I have had almost new tyres rip on glass, frustrating but sadly part of the fun of cycling. I ride gaitor skins.
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    I ride on London roads, about 24 miles a day. 5,000 miles this year and only one puncture - on my second ride of the tyear. Changed my tires to Specialized Amardillos and never had a problem again.

    Maybe it's not the tyre, but something on the rim or similar? would it be worthwhile going to your LBS and have somebody look at it??
  • If it's for commuting, I'd also recommend the Sepcialized Armadillo tyres. Have them on my hybrid and never had an issue with them, Good grip and generally seem to keep going. when I need to replace tyres on my road bike, I'll probably gor for the Elite versions then as well, as if I'm doing IM/HIM then I don; wnt the concern of punctures during that time.
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    You could try using 'slime' tubes. I always use them on MTB because of hedge trimming but you can get them in road sizes.

  • Can anyone advise if Tyre Liners are any good? I realise they may add a little weight but Im not so concerned about this as its for my London commute.. thanks.
  • hathat Posts: 10
    I use two sets of tyres 1 for racing and 1 for training. On the training tyres I've put a Kevlar strip around the inside (I don't really think it matters if I get overtaken in training); I've also done this on my mountain/commuter bike and have NEVER had a puncture since. I don't do massive amounts of miles though.

    Just remember to change your tyres over before a race though or you'll struggle a bit.

    If your lucky enough to have separate race wheels or a race bike then your laughing.
  • Thanks everyone for your feedback, really useful and informative!

    hat - any recommendation on a make / supplier for kevlar tyre liners?

    Meanwhile, I've replaced the torn rear continental duraskin with a specialized armadillo tyre and so far so good... the armadillo certainly looks and feels tougher than the duraskin....

    Days without incident: 1
  • hathat Posts: 10
    I got the Panracer liners from Wiggle; hope they work out for you.

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