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IMUK or IM Wales?

What's everyone think?
IM Wales gives more time for training (and might be prettier), but I think it may be colder.
Also, is a sea swim harder?
As you can probably tell, I'm a touch indecisive!


  • After IM UK in August, I did say I wouldn't do another one, then I reneged and said I would do one in 2012. But the inaugural IM Wales, on my doorstep, well, it would be rude not to. There go the plans for getting quicker in 2011, I'll do that in 2012.

    Colder, check
    Choppier swim, in the sea, check
    Finishing in the dark, check (nothing changes there)
    Hilly, check
    Scenic, check
  • I said the same after Ironman France this year - No iron distance tri's till 2012 - Not only cos of all the training but the cost too - But i've been talked into it by the boys who are planning on doing The Big Woody next year which is the cheapest of the big selection of the Iron distance races we've got now IMUK, IM Wales, Challenge Henley, The Outlaw & The Big Woody
  • Scenic route around a Welsh national park or Bolton, no choice!
  • I'm in it's just down the road for me.

    Does anyone have a date yet?
  • 11th September, I think...
  • I'm holding on for IM Scotland...
  • JulesJules Posts: 987
    Finishing in the dark will definitely feature. By 11th September it will be dark at about 8 I guess. With a 6am start that's anyone over 14 hours coming home in the dark.
  • Anyone know when entries open - I thought it was supposed to be today?
  • Rumour has it entries open at 2pm today, £325 for early entries.

    Finishing in the dark, yes. But at 6am on 11th September, we'll be starting in the dark as well.
  • Daylight is highly overrated
  • Website is running, to a degree.

    Went part way through the registering process to find it if it gave you anymore info, other than £351.75 fee, there is no race info.

    Feeling let down, you bet. Come on IronMan Wales, I expected more of you. I've been bigging this event on and off forums

    Will I be entering today, no, until I know a little more about the race

    Will I enter the race, more than likely

    Will the race info be up and available soon, who knows, but I hope so

    Feeling dejected now, when I got up this morning I thought it would be a good day in Wales, I'd have entered IronMan Wales and have some focus to get back my MoJo for training, but that's failed, and the Ryder Cup would be progressing. Ho hum!
  • I'm in!
    I'm not sure what I'm in, but I'm in!
    Looking forward to seeing what the hell I've signed up for.....
  • Just signed up then I had a feeling in my bowels that made me want to go to the toilet. Is this normal?
  • Yes, but wait till race day . . .
  • I weighed this up against IM UK and went for the latter.

    My concern was the sea swim in september - possible worries about roughness and potential for cancellation at that time of year in the event of rough weather - must admit I have no local knowledge though so that concern may be completely unfounded.

    Also thought Bolton might have more support - as by God I will need it!!
  • Either one or the other, when you finish you're still an Ironman. Did Bolton this year, and loved it. But I'm in for Tenby next year, as it's local'ish. Sea swim will be a concern, either dead flat, or choppy, plus need to keep the mouth shut to prevent ingesting too much salt too soon. But I'll try to get a fair bit of sea swimming in over next summer.
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