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Help-Breaks from training?


My A race (IMCH) is on 25th July 2010 and I've got 3 weeks off over christmas in which I won't be able to train (23rd December --> 18th January). Does anyone know of the implications and negative effects of not training for such a period? Will this have an effect on my overall finishing time or is it far enough away that these three weeks will just serve as a break and keep motivation up?

Thanks in advance,


In hindsight I would have gone on holiday earlier but this was booked before IMCH.


  • In BeIRONFit, it gived a 30 week prep period for a IM race. It looks like all you've done is cut this down to about 27 weeks, so I'd just shorten the "Base" period to seven weeks, and keep the "Build" and "Peak" periods at the suggested 10 weeks. Can't really see how it's going to have a huge impact if any. Just remember that when you do get back and start training, don't go at it like a twat trying to play catch-up for the 3 weeks lost, or you'll overtrain and/or injure yourself and be out of action for sometime, which will then have an impact.

    The main thing is enjoy your holiday, make the most of the change of routine, environment etc, and come back fully rested and ready to go.
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Why not look to do a 24 week programme?
    That way you've got three weeks to ease back into training ahead of your programme? And you don't risk playing 'catch-up' - as mentioned by TRIumphant.
    A three week break before getting back into training will be good for you, IMO.
    Use it to switch off, relax an enjoy. You'll need your energies for the battle ahead!
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