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Short Fingers

Afternoon all,

Can anyone recommend a set of road handlebars for someone with small hands? My wife is really struggling with breaking and gear changes on her road bike and I wondered if getting some compact handlebars might help? I have no idea about size. I've seen some on Planet X at 40cm, 42cm and 44cm. Any other ideas if I'm barking up the wrong tree?



  • I think you are barking up the wrong tree. The handkebar size relates to the overall width, so narrowed shoulder people need narrower handlebars. If she's having trouble reaching the brake levers, then they need adjusting so the reach is a lot less for smaller hands/fingers. Either go to your LBS to have them adjusted, or track down the instructions via the internet.
  • Thanks Triumphant. I made a guess that the compact would mean a change to the drop itself and so bring the brakes closer. LBS seems like the best idea. Bought the bike from there and they are pretty helpful.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    shimano levers can be adjusted with some plastic shims that bring the levers nearer the hands. they don't cost a lot and i think fit most of the range. might be hard to get hold of but the ones i was thinking of are specialized slim shims.
  • Thanks ris, I'll look in to that too.
  • My other half had problems with levers and reach. Eventually I bought her some Cinnelli (?sp) little wing bars. I'm not sure of all the technical details but as well as coming in a variety of widths including 38cm, they have different angles/curves which make them more appropriate for small hands.

    Herself is very pleased with them.
  • [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
  • Brilliant, thanks toPH. My LBS has some in stock, heading down there at lunch time.
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