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more pointy hat stuff

who makes the aero helmets with the built in visors,
i'm for ever messing with glasses in t1,
pointy hat + built in visor = faster bike & faster transition.


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Bob Heath visors (who are a famous motorcycle visor maker) do a visor for aero helmets with velcro tabs, lost the link now but do a seacrh for them and email them, they feauture in ebay from time to time.
  • I've a LAS Chronometro helmet. It comes with interchangable clear, yellow and dark visors that are built it. It's light, comfy but not for those with bigh heads. I'm around a 57cm head, it says upto 61cm, but I'd say 59 would be the biggest. I got mine from EBay for just over £100.

    Really happy with it.

    I think it makes you faster because you just don't want anyone in non aero rig to overtake you!!
  • I used the visor from a Louis Garneau and modified my Giro. I didn't like the idea of the velcro/ fixed versions.

    It took a bit of work, but then my helmet's a work of art so it was worth it.

    You can get the helmet's from the States for around $30, but you need a friend/contact over there to ship it, as the postage most of the companies charge is ridiculous! (I couldn't find a UK supplier)
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