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Ultimate Dilema

Well, actually I know what I need to do, but what are the chances!!!

I decided to do an IM after Coneheads Long Distance course earlier this year-and signed up for IM Austria on 4th July next year. It's all paid for and I'm well into my base training (buttocks still recovering from a 100mile bike ride on Sunday). My wife and I found out yesterday that she'spregnant-and after seeing the doc today (yes-you know what's coming.......) she's due on 4th July!!

Ecstatic on one side-but gutted on another. Any ideas on what I can do?-I want to do an M dot next year, but clearly am not going to be away from home at the end of June or early July!


p.s-I don't think the "I was there for the birth of our first child-so one out of 2 isn't bad" would work!


  • If you want to do the best(?) Ironman race in Europe, go to Embrun. Race is usually on nearest weekend to Aug 15 and you'll remember the bike ride forever.
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Realistically the only option would be to do Lanzarote.
    Otherwise, knowing the time restraints of having little ones (and a tired, hormonal missus!), bin your Ironman dreams for 2010.
    I am in a similar situation and have canned swim and run for next year. It will be purely TTs, sportives and the odd road race.
  • Loads of people have children only a few do an IRONMAN
  • What does she say about it ? Your wife that is ?

    I'd be careful - you will not want to miss the birth of your son or daughter.

    Cancel it - do a 70.3 instead and congratulations.
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Lots of people do an Ironman, only a few spend quality time with their kids
  • danny_sdanny_s Posts: 235
    Ironman races will be there whenever you're ready, nearly every weekend of every year if you travel. Your kids grow up and that's done. If you have a bad race, you can sign up again. If you're a parent who's away and misses your kids getting born, well that ship has sailed.
  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    ~I'd genuinely not even thoguht of not doing an IM next year at all-but after reading some of the above-and remembering what it was like 3 years ago when my first was born-it would be so difficult training and being a good Dad (and husband!) in the first few months that I might have to seriously consider putting the plan back a year.

    Oh well-looks like a season of 70.3 for me!

    Thanks for your replies on this thread.
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I had a similar dilemma last year with the London tri in that it was the due date.

    However, it was very different in that it was only 45 minutes from my house and I could get back if I was needed very quickly. I decided to go ahead and he turned up two weeks late.

    If it was Austria, I'd have not gone and saved it for another year!

    As much as anything, even if you did go, you'd be very unlikely to be relaxed and 'in the zone', as your head would be somewhere else, wondering what was going on!

    I'd can it and plan it again for another time. That way, you could have your kids waiting for you at the finish line. Thats exactly what I've done and am doing IMCH next year!
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    DannyS has hit the nail on the head.
    As far as I'm concerned no Ironman badge would be more important than my children.
  • vetboyvetboy Posts: 21
    Another though if you're keen to do an IM next year - look for one a bit earlier. Not sure what's haappening in May or June but getting it done before another kid might be easier than trying to train after, even once the new bub is one or two - especially if you've already got a kid, as your wife trying to look after two young ones while you're ironman training is a big ask.
  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    Thanks to everyone for the advice-my cancelation form if now completed in my desk at work and ready to send baring any devine inspiration! I've loked into earlier events-the only realistic one is Lanzarote-which would be awesome but is long sold out. The only one accepting entires is Nagasaki!! Not sure how much it is to fly to Japan nowadays-but can't imagine it's viable for next year-especially now!

    It's looking good for Austria 2011, and gives me an extra year to get ready for it.
  • apart from which being with your other half during her labour and the birth will be excellant Ironman training Congratulations
  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Did you really think about what advice you wanted - you actually wanted to hear should you be present at your childs birth or go & race at IM Austria. This has got to be a first - what do you think you should do???

    As other triathlets have advised you can always race another time, there are plenty of races, but you already know this dont you!

    I am sure you will still be able to a certain amount of training, after all you balance being a husband & dad already.

    But the fact that you had to ask what to put first - the birth of your new child or racing a triathlon beggers believe does it not.
  • han382han382 Posts: 80

    Maybe you should read the first post again-the first line pretty much answers your "beggers belief" comment-which I didn't appreciate.
  • han382han382 Posts: 80
    But thanks to everyone else for their congratulations. It's going to be an exciting year-although for different reasons than I thought a few weeks ago!!
  • Would'nt it be great though if you could time the finish of the IM with the birth that would be the best photo finish ever. My girlfiend was in labour for 36 hours so maybe you should be looking to do a double IM instead to get the timing right though. Congratulations and hope the baby is a happy and healthy Triathlete. I caught my son the other day on his bike, and when I asked him to come in he said "no I'm training for the Ironman".

    The two best times of my life Finn being born ad doing the Ironman, the only thing that could trump that would be doing an Ironman with him.
  • CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Oh I did read the first post, just could not believe what I was seeing thats all.

    If you want to race then race,perhaps your wife wouldn't mind, have you asked her!

    I just think that triathlon is not the be all and end all, and yes I do take it serously, but I enjoy it. I am an Ironman 3 times over so I can appreciate how you feel.

    If you can race then I hope you enjoy the experience to.
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